The University of Florida today announced that the Dr. Herbert and Nicole Wertheim Family Foundation has provided $100 million — the largest gift from an individual donor in university history 

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The Herbert Wertheim School of Public Health and Human Longevity Science at UC San Diego

The Herbert Wertheim School of Public Health and Human Longevity Science was founded in 2019 with a $25 million lead gift from the Dr. Herbert and Nicole Wertheim Family Foundation.

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The Wertheim Performing Arts Center at FIU

Is a performing arts center that opened in 1996.[1] Situated on the main campus of Florida International University (FIU), it is named after Dr. Herbert Wertheim, an inventor, engineer, scientist, educator, clinician, entrepreneur, philanthropist and community leader.

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Herbert Wertheim College of Engineering
The University of Florida’s College of Engineering is using the $50 million catalyst lead gift from the Herbert and Nicole Wertheim Family Foundation to power the new engineer and transform the future.

Herbert Wertheim College of Medicine
The Herbert Wertheim College of Medicine provides quality affordable medical education. Our students and doctors provide improved access to medical care in South Florida’s underserved populations.

Nicole Wertheim College of Nursing & Health Sciences
The students at Wertheim College of Nursing play critical roles in overcoming the healthcare challenges in our community. Our nurses are trained to excel while working with other health professionals.

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Sydell Ida Wertheim Concert Organ
             A gift from longtime FIU philanthropist Dr. Herbert Wertheim, the Sydell Ida Wertheim Concert Organ was custom-made by one of the country’s preeminent organ builders, the Schantz Organ Company of Ohio. Built in 1999 for nearly $700,000, the 4,226-pipe Schantz organ is the crown jewel of the Hebert and Nicole Wertheim Performing Arts Center’s 600-seat concert hall and would cost millions of dollars to build today. It took a year for the 26-ton organ, which is the largest in Miami-Dade County and one of the most technologically advanced in the country, to be completed. It features a solid-oak console with four manual keyboards and a pedal clavier that controls its pipes. The organ’s completion earned FIU the cover photo of the October 1999 issue of the journal The American Organist with an accompanying essay by Schantz Tonal Director Jeffrey Dexter. In his essay, Dexter noted that Schantz organs are typically built for churches, so Schantz relished the opportunity to customize an organ for a university with a thriving School of Music and outstanding concert hall. “This instrument is unquestionably one of the finest concert organs to be found anywhere in the state of Florida,” Dexter wrote.           

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